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New Beginnings, Same Old Traditions: Batch 23 Induction

by Nicole Garcia

After two application processes held during the times of gradual return to face-to-face activities, Batches 23A and 23B had braved different challenges that led up to the day of their Induction ceremony where they were officially given the title of becoming Resident Members of the Society. 

The Induction Ceremony for Batch 23A and 23B took place last October 12, 2023 at the Student Union Building, where the previous members as well as inductees of the two Batch 23 batches had joined in celebrating the accomplishments of the applicants in the different activities and challenges of their application processes. 

Through playing a series of games such as ‘Flip the Cup’, ‘Bring Me’, ‘Face Value’, and ‘Lost and Found’, the inductees were able to learn new lessons, as well as enhance some previous lessons they’ve learned through their own application processes such as learning to take orders from superiors, teamwork and collaboration, as well as communication in the setting of getting tasks done.  

The inductees were also able to share in their talents through a series of wonderful performances! Maxwell Ong, an inductee from Batch 23A, serenaded the audience with a piano rendition of ‘Got to Believe in Magic’ by David Pomeranz, and France Fernandez, an inductee from Batch 23B, amazed the audience with a sign language interpretation of ‘Victorious’ by Panic! at the Disco. The officers from both of the batches also gave a reminiscent dance performance of ‘YMCA’ which definitely didn’t fail to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

After the series of games and performances were finished, the ceremony then moved onto the Oath-taking portion of the current Academic Year’s Executive Council members. Led by Matt Escueta, the previous academic year’s Vice President for Special Projects, the members of the Executive Council had taken their oath to duly uphold, guide and direct the Society’s future pursuits, as well as carry on the organization’s withstanding traditions and values.

After the Oath-taking ceremony of the current Executive Council, the inductees of Batch 23A and 23B proceeded to have their pinning process, that was followed by their formal oath-taking as duly recognized members of the society that promise to always uphold the different lessons, values, and traditions that they have learned in their application process in their work as members, as well as outside the organization.

The Induction Ceremony of Batch 23 was the first face-to-face one after having Inductions held online for the past 3 application batches. It was an amazing experience being able to see everyone in the same place and celebrate the different traditions and values that had been instilled in us within the Society ever since we took on the challenge of braving its Application Process. 

A big and warm-felt congratulations to the inductees of Batch 23, who we can now call proud resident members of the society! May you never forget the different lessons the Application Process has taught you as you bring them into your work within the organization. As always, never forget, time and time again, to always give it life! 


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