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We embody 65 years of unsurpassed vision, unwavering dedication, and unparalleled capacity for hard work.


U.P. Pre-Medical Society

         The UP Pre-Medical Society is a duly-recognized socio-academic organization from the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus.

         Awarded by the Bank of the Philippine Islands as one of the Most Outstanding Volunteer Organizations in the Philippines in 2011, UP PreMedSoc consists of innovative, driven, and sensible individuals not necessarily from "common pre-medical" degree programs but united by a shared passion for aiding and assisting our fellow Filipinos.

        Since 1956, the Society has spearheaded numerous undertakings, which include medical-dental-tuli missions in communities both near and distant from the metro; blood drives with the Philippine General Hospital; symposia on medical schools; a number of outreach programs such as the Elders Project for the elderly and Aral sa Kwento at Pasyal (AKAP) for disadvantaged children, donation drives and relief efforts to help out those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, and an annual medical convention.

    Advocated to each applicant and member's holistic growth, UP PreMedSoc upholds a meaningful application process and offers superb life skills and pre-medical training with a healthy mix of fun, fitness, and social activities with some of the most endearing people you’ll meet. Truly, UP PreMedSoc is more than a mere pre-med org! The UP Pre-Medical Society. Vision. Dedication. Capacity for Hard Work.



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