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Donation Drive for PUMASAG-Quezon

ANGKLA aims to equip our partner fisherfolk community, PUMASAG, from Quezon province with better tools for their livelihood. Due to unpredictable circumstances and the global market, local fishing communities struggle to move forward and progress in their livelihood.


As we work together to anchor the community and move towards sustainability and improved livelihood conditions, we hope to ask for your help by donating for the procurement of fishing equipment for PUMASAG-Quezon.



About PUMASAG-Quezon

PUMASAG-Quezon, or Pambayang Ugnayan ng mga Mangingisda sa Gumaca, Quezon, is an organization of municipal fisherfolk united with a single purpose to strengthen the cooperation and communication between the national government, local government, and other agencies determined to care for our seas and fisherfolk.


The PUMASAG-Quezon organization was established on February 1, 2003 through a local NGO in Gumaca, Bumaka Para Sa Kaunlaran, headed by then-President Dr. Agripino P. Tullas and then-NGO Chairman Retired Philippine Army Col. Leonardo Odoño. PUMASAG-Quezon was first headed by G. Zoilo Tarasina and currently holds G. Beltran E. Basares in this position.


18 years after its founding, PUMASAG-Quezon now holds 17 chapters with 350 members. It continues its unyielding effort in launching projects that support fisherfolk today and throughout future generations.

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