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UP PMS Anniv Ball

by Maxwell Ong and Oriana Tolentino

Keeping an organization and its people glued together is no easy task. Every year is certainly a milestone worth celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than partying the night away with some games, food, and booze?

The PMS Anniversary Ball is a culmination event of month-long celebrations open to all Society members and alumni, held every April - the Society's anniversary month. Accompanied by food, drinks, and various performances, the Ball's very essence is to recognize the successes of its alumni in various fields, as well as the accomplishments of its members over the past year. It is truly a night to remember for all the attendees as they share their PMS experiences and enjoy each other’s company.

“It was super fun and memorable. May photobooth pa noon tapos bar sa rooftop so masaya talaga. I remember wearing my 5in heels before entering the building then leaving the event while holding my heels na bc I was tired of standing and hanging out with the mems haha” - Anj del Rosario, 19A

Anj added that there were two highlights of the 2019 Anniversary Ball. First, singing the PMS song made her feel very much at home in the Society. One can truly marvel at the togetherness of the organization as they belted out the iconic hymn! Second, most of the attendees had drunk a substantial amount throughout the event. At one point, some tried to fit as many people as they can in the frame of the photobooth to capture quite an amusing moment of camaraderie. The poses and smiles definitely show how Anniversary Ball should not be missed!

Due to the pandemic, the Society had to transition most of its events into online modes which means that the members and alumni were still able to experience the excitement of the Anniversary Ball. Below is a quote from a member who attended the virtual version:

“I think the anniversary balls/celebrations of PMS were always the highlights of the semester for me. In my first anniv. ball celebration, I was a new member so it helped me get a grasp of who our alumni were, and meeting them, hearing their undergrad journey with PMS, as well as where they are now helped me open my eyes to the career/life possibilities I could also follow. In my second and most recent anniv. celebration, it was a lot more meaningful because at that point, I already had friends who had become alumni, so it was nice to interact with them again and catch up. I think the anniv ball perfectly encapsulates PMS’ balance between work and play. Aside from showing us how the Society has developed and grown as well as the lives of PMS alumni (doctors or not), it is also simply a time to have fun, meet new people, and reconnect with old friends.” - Stella Alcudia, 22A

These testimonials show that the Anniversary Ball is not simply a mandatory celebration, but rather a celebration of lifelong camaraderie and achievements by members and alumni alike. It is not just a night of inspiration, but also a night wherein we are reminded that despite our stunning achievements and extraordinary endeavors, we are all human and know how to have fun. Now that that season is over and everything is pretty much back to what it once was, expect that things are going to go back the way they used to be - only this time with much more fervor and passion. This year’s Anniversary Ball is something you definitely do not want to miss. See you then!


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