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ARUGA 2021: The First PMS Online Medical Mission

Last November 20, 2021, community members of the Kariton ng Maralita Network and Samahan ng Manininda ng UP Community (SMUPC) gathered for ARUGA. Organized by members of the U.P. Pre-Medical Society, ARUGA is the organization’s first-ever online medical mission. This was in response to the rising necessity to meet the health needs of communities despite the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ARUGA opened its Zoom room at 1 PM on November 20, 2021. During this, forty attendees entered the waiting room with members of the U.P. Pre-Medical Society. There, concerns and questions regarding their consultation were addressed. Each attendee met one of three volunteer doctors assisted by a UP PMS member. The consultation began with a review of their medical history and main complaint – as gathered beforehand – and presented by the assistant member. Once the doctor addressed their health concerns, attendees were free to leave and receive their medical prescriptions via email. Once all thirty sign-ups and ten walk-ins were seen, ARUGA officially ended its one-day health consultation at 5 PM.

The medical mission did not end there. All forty attendees received health kits to address their health needs post-consultation. Each kit contained essentials such as face masks, over-the-counter medication, hygiene products and first aid items. Attendees with prescriptions were given their medication.

ARUGA was able to address the health needs of SMUPC and Kariton ng Maralita Network even amidst the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current situation has increased the need for healthcare to be accessible to all. However, this has been a public need in society since the beginning. Let’s continue to give it life by supporting health initiatives like ARUGA.

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